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Come and visit us if you'd like to see something or try it on.

At the store in Geneva's beautiful and historic old town, we give friendly advice on everything from nutrition to which backpack fits you the best as well as offering free gait analysis and spending time to get the right fitting shoe for you. It is certainly worth a visit if you want help and advice to choose your shoes or kit. 

We also serve free coffee and snacks in a relaxed easy going atmosphere. No pressure to buy here. If you want to leave your bags whilst you go running or shopping else where, you are welcome.

Parking is the easiet in Geneva city center and literally 100m around the corner from the shop. It is very rare you will not find a place in the Cours des Bastions near the French Embassy, in front of the gates of the south east entrance to the Parc des Bastions.

Need another reference point? We are on the course of December's Course de L'Escalade by the old city wall at the Pont Saint-Léger.

If you are coming to see something specific its always a good idea to telephone first to make sure we have the stock available for you.

Call +41 (0) 787 51 95 93.

Opening Times

We are open non-stop through the lunch hour.

Easy Parking

Just around the corner, you will almost always find a space in the Cours des Bastion just in front of the Parc du Bastion. Yes, we have the easiest parking in the city.


18, Rue Saint-Léger,
1204 Genève,

M +41 (0) 787 51 95 93
T +41 (0)22 310 52 00

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